Packaged Products

About Performance Packaging

Our sister company, Performance Packaging, uses cutting-edge technology to create convenience-packaged solutions for sweet corn and beans.

Overwrap Corn

We offer our sweet corn in a variety of packs, styles and sizes. We also provide private label packaging services.

corn-overwrap2      overwrap1          extrasweetcorn1A            organiccorn1-300x300

Ready To Cook Green Beans

Our ready to cook green beans are triple washed and trimmed, and offered in a variety of packaging sizes. We will also make available private label packing services.

greenbean-bag3          baggreens2

Food Service Bagged Green Beans

We also offer our fresh green beans in 1-10# pack sizes for food service customers and can pack to each customer’s specifications.

foodservGB2a        foodservgb2          5 LB BEAN